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New this Fall

Evening Group Meeting for Parents of 18+

For parents of young adults 18+.

Facilitator: Sarah MacKay Lynch, Parent Coach.

Meetings will be held every third Tuesday of the Month. Next meeting will be Tuesday, Dec. 17.

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Group for Parents of Teens

Family Sanity hosts a Tuesday night support group for parents of teens, under 18. Facilitated by Lisa Scimens, Family Sanity founder.

Meetings will be held every third Tuesday of the month. Next meeting will be Tuesday, Dec. 17.

Sign-ups for these groups available above.

Would you like to connect with a group of parents who have teens and young adults who are troubled or challenged by mental health issues?  Family Sanity has a solution!

We are holding our monthly evening groups live and online via If you have never used Zoom, let us assure you that even luddites will find it a breeze. 

Please consider joining us on the third Tuesday of the month, from 7:30-9pm.  Certified Parent Coach Sarah MacKay Lynch will moderate along with Family Sanity Founder Lisa Scimens.

If you have never participated in a Family Sanity group, your first session will be free.

Meeting details:

                        Family Sanity "Zoom Room" Meeting

                                  for Parents of Young Adults

                        Tuesday, April 21 from   7:30-9pm




Questions?  Feel free to email, or call



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