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Lisa Scimens

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Sarah Mackay Lynch


The Family Sanity team was founded by two moms who have first-hand experience with the challenges and obstacles families face when their child is diagnosed with a mental health issue.

Founder Lisa Scimens has spent the past 17 years nurturing, managing, and losing sleep over a child who suffers from Anxiety/Depression and a number of learning differences. She has dealt with numerous therapists and mental health professionals; special ed directors; an educational consultant; boarding and therapeutic schools.    

Sarah MacKay Lynch, M.A. facilitates the Family Sanity Evening Meetings for parents of young adults. She is a certified Parent Coach, former high school teacher and the mother of an 18 year old. Sarah’s parenting credo is “connection before correction.”  Her coaching specialty lies in helping parents of teens and young adults create the structures and support necessary to promote healthy and loving relationships with their kids. In addition, Sarah has facilitated Family Sanity’s support group for parents of young adults 18+ (failure to launch). Sarah also leads support groups and transition workshops with Willows in the Wind and teaches the nationally recognized Family Connection Course, a DBT-based class. Sarah is a member of the International Coaching Federation.

Priscilla Call Essert, MBA  helped to co-found Family Sanity.  She currently serves as Executive Director of the Vintage House, Sonoma's Senior Center.Senior Center in Sonoma County California.

Priscella Call Essert

Current Leadership

Lisa Scimens continues to be at the helm of Family Sanity. Her personal experience in combination with her non-profit and MediaSavvy leadership, along with her media background are getting Family Sanity firmly established in the San Francisco Bay Area and poised for growth beyond the Bay.

Scimens spent nearly 20 years as a Producer and Executive Producer at the ABC television station in San Francisco.  Over the years she received numerous awards for her programs, including several for “Straight TalknTeens”, a weekly show that discussed hot topics of adolescent life.

Since her departure from television she founded MediaSavvy, a high-level media relations company that specializes in helping non-profits receive more media exposure and increase their public awareness.

Scimens has served on many non-profit boards. She was elected president of the Golden Gate chapter of American Women in Radio and Television and PAINTS, Promote Arts in the Schools, Inc., an organization that raises money and supports art in public schools. Under her leadership at PAINTS, she transitioned the organization into a 501c3.  


 In 2013, Scimens founded Family Sanity.  In 2014, she started the first of two monthly Family Sanity parent support groups in Oakland and San Francisco, California, area.  The groups are for parents of teens and young adults, and like this website, offer support, insight and resources to parents.

Scimens lives in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area, is happily married, and is the mother of two  grown children. She practices yoga, and enjoys painting and gardening in her spare time.

Family Sanity is a 501c3.  Its Tax I.D. number is 82-3381906.

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