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Article: What Happened to American Childhood?

Too many kids show worrying signs of fragility from a very young age. Here’s what we can do about it.  Story by Kate Julian, The Atlantic, April 17, 2020.

Website: Dealing With Depression: A Resource Guide's content team collaborated with our medical staff to create a comprehensive depression and suicide resource guide.

If you or someone you know is suffering from depression, it can be difficult to know where to turn. There are many excellent resources online that you can use to find out more about depression, including treatments, where to get help, and support for family and friends.

Article: "Depressed and Anxious? These Video Games Want to Help"

In the video game Sea of Solitude, the main character, a young woman named Kay, navigates a partly submerged city and fights to overcome loneliness.

Sea of Solitude, which Electronic Arts will publish this year, is among a growing number of video games that are tackling mental health issues.

NYT, March 24, 2019.

Published in Real Simple Magazine, this article, written by Andrea Peterson, guides you through the mental health maze of finding, and working with a therapist.

Article: Weight Training May Help to Ease or Prevent Depression

By Gretchen Reynolds. Published 6/6/18 in the New York Times: By Lifting weights might also lift moods, according to an important new review of dozens of studies about strength training and depression.

Website: Anxiety Resource Center

Website: Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Book:“The Science of Making Friends” 

(w/DVD): Helping Socially Challenged Teens and Young Adults

by Laugeson, Elizabeth A. PsyD. (2013); Robison, John Elder (FRW)


Book: “Understanding the Mind of Your Bi-Polar Child” 

by Gregory T. Lombardo, MD, PhD. (2006)


Book: “The Bi-Polar Child” 

The Definitive and Reassuring Guide to Childhood's Most Misunderstood Disorder, Third Edition Paperback – October 2, 2007

by Demitri Paolos, MD and Janice Papolos  (2006)

Book: “If Your Adolescent Has an Anxiety Disorder"

An Essential Resource for Parents (Adolescent Mental Health Initiative) 1st Edition”By Edna B. Foa  (2006)

Book: “The Anxiety Workbook for Teens” 

Activities to Help You Deal with Anxiety and Worry Paperback – April 1, 2008

by Lisa M. Schab LCSW (Author)

Article: Is a Teen Moody? Or Depressed?

From the New York Times 2/13/2017

Article: Helpful Things to Say to Someone When They're Depressed

Depression isn’t an easy fight — but you don’t have to suffer from it in order to be a source of comfort for those who do. If you’re looking to support someone with depression but can’t exactly figure out what to say, this article, written by Lindsay Holmes offers seven suggestions — and explains why these types of phrases matter.

Article: Anxious Students Strain College Medical Centers

This article appeared as a Blog post in the May 27, 2015 issue of The New York Times.

Article: "How (Robin) Williams Death Resonates"

This article appeared in SFGate shortly after the death of Robin Williams, who suffered from depression.

Article: Depression is an Allergic Reaction to Inflammation

This article, published on on January 26, 2015, presents new research that points to an allergic reaction to inflammation being a cause of depression.

Blog Post: "No Longer Wanting to Die"

This is a blog post published in The New York Times on May 16, 2015.

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