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An overview of options

Public Schools

If your child attends a public school and you think he has a learning or emotional problem, it is your right as a parent to have him tested, by the school, at the school’s expense. This could open the door to special classes, tutoring, and possibly even free attendance at a special school. 


An Individual Education Plan or IEP is something that many kids in public schools have to help them with academic and/or emotional issues. It is developed by the special education staff, counselors, parents and students (if they are old enough) to help kids with special needs do better in schools. It is created after educational testing is done.

Private Schools

Children with emotional or academic issues may need to be tested to receive special accommodations by a private school. You will most likely need to have your child tested by a private neuropsychologist or through your medical provider. If a child switches to a private school, most schools take the public school’s recommendations into consideration. 

Boarding Schools

There are many types of boarding schools that may help your child. Some focus on behavior others on learning disorders like ADD/ADHD and there is a whole host of other schools as well. 

Therapeudic Boarding Schools

Therapeutic Boarding Schools are live-in programs for kids with a big range of issues. Some focus on children with Autism; some are for kids with psychological issues like eating disorders; others are for kids who suffer from anxiety and depression. Others are for kids with a combination of these issues and more

Residential Treatment Centers (R.T.C.)

Residential treatment is a live-in program for kids with very serious issues. Kids who are violent, suicidal, addicted to substances may end up in these types of programs. These places have medical and psychiatric staff on the premise as well as therapists and counselors. The kids do go to school as well in these programs. 

Financial/Public School Support

Financial/Public School Support If your child attends a public school, has an IEP and needs to go to a special school locally or attend a therapeutic boarding school or go to residential treatment, your public school may pay for it. Or you may be able to get your medical insurance to cover most of the bill. If your child is in private school, your options for repayment may be tougher, but not impossible. 

College I.E.P

College IEP If your teen had an IEP in high school and she attends a community or state college or university, her IEP will carry over into college. This means she may be eligible for tutoring, getting extra time on tests or other accommodations outlined on her IEP.

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If a program, school or other resource appears on this site, it is not a recommendation.  Conversely, if a program, school or resource is omitted, it does not mean it is not a good program. What is a fine program for one child/family, may not work for another child/family and the opposite is true as well.  

The information contained on this site is provided by parents, not professionals, and is meant as a starting point for parents with struggling children.  We recommend consulting therapists, psychiatrists, and other professionals to guide you in the placement of your child.