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Support group meeting for parents of young adults (18+), facilitated by Certified Parent Coach, Sarah MacKay Lynch. Third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm. Space is limited, so sign up now!

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June 2024

Mental Health Is Mainstream

Recently, I took my daughter to see Ezra, a new film with several big stars, including Robert DeNiro, on the issue of mental health. It is an excellent family drama about a 9-year-old boy having a rough time in school, at home, with his divorced parents, and his grandfather. He has autism, and no one understands him or what autism is about. I found myself cringing and wiggling in my seat because some of the family scenes were so tough to watch. Why? Because they were so realistic.

My daughter and I both really liked the film, and I recommend It. The film stars Bobby Cannavale, Rose Byrne (and Robert DeNiro). It's in theaters now.

I'm always glad to see discussions on mental health in the media. I'm also so happy we have a U.S. Surgeon General who has made mental health and young people a top focus for his office. Vivek Murthy, MD, came to San Francisco recently to speak at City Arts and Lectures. On April 16th, he discussed how social media negatively impacts our youth. Dr. Murthy also talked about loneliness among youth and how social media exacerbates it. He was quite open about the difficult time he had growing up and how he suffered from loneliness.

Finally, I enjoy learning about issues in the North Bay now that I'm in Sonoma. Every morning, I read the Press Democrat newspaper. Recently, two articles were about a new mental health center housed at The Hanna Center. The program is specifically geared toward youth ages 12-18. I'm hoping we see more places like this as the governor's office and local communities start to free up some of the money set aside from Prop. 1 and other initiatives.

Lisa Scimens
Family Sanity Founder

New! Book Club
with Parent Coach Sarah MacKay Lynch


There are so many good books out there on mental health. But do you feel like you don't have enough time to read and really absorb them? What if you were in a discussion group with other parents who had an older teen or young adult with similar mental health issues? Well, our parent coach has started a book group. It will meet regularly on Zoom.


To find out more, please email Sarah at

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