NEWSLETTER                                        FEBRUARY, 2018
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Website Update!

As 2018 whizzes along, I find myself so optimistic about Family Sanity. I feel so fortunate to have met so many wonderful, dedicated people in our parent groups. Though I am often a reserved person, I feel a closeness to so many of you because of our shared situations. I know I have gained a huge amount of insight into my challenging young adult as well as myself as a result of the wisdom so many of you have expressed. Another reason for my optimism is that our website, the impetus for Family Sanity nearly 5 years ago, is finally in development. A very talented woman, who is not a techie (which makes it so much easier for me) is making great progress on the site. One of our regular me

Collecting Ideas for Resource Directory

As I mentioned, we are actively working on the Family Sanity website. Good "Content" and plenty of it is what is going to differentiate us from other websites about teens and young adults with mental health issues. By this point in our journeys, we have all gained a huge amount of information about how to navigate the challenging process of helping our kids (and ourselves). If you could do me a small favor and take 15 minutes out of your regular routine tonight or this weekend and do the following: ---Close your eyes and breathe... ---Think of the programs, schools, types of therapy, and people who have helped your child the most... ---Send me an email with that info. Even one sente

Things Holding Young People Back

Since pot is now legal for those of us 21 and older, more and more studies are being done about how regular use is impacting the brains of young people. A JAMA report this week,has many of us concerned. If you feel like your 20 year old is so young and wonder if he'll ever grow up, take a moment and read about this new study form the Lancet about adolescence goes way beyond the teenage years. A new book, "The Hacking of the American Mind", talks about how video games addict us. The

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If a program, school or other resource appears on this site, it is not a recommendation.  Conversely, if a program, school or resource is omitted, it does not mean it is not a good program. What is a fine program for one child/family, may not work for another child/family and the opposite is true as well.  

The information contained on this site is provided by parents, not professionals, and is meant as a starting point for parents with struggling children.  We recommend consulting therapists, psychiatrists, and other professionals to guide you in the placement of your child.