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As I mentioned, we are actively working on the Family Sanity website. Good "Content" and plenty of it is what is going to differentiate us from other websites about teens and young adults with mental health issues. By this point in our journeys, we have all gained a huge amount of information about how to navigate the challenging process of helping our kids (and ourselves). If you could do me a small favor and take 15 minutes out of your regular routine tonight or this weekend and do the following: ---Close your eyes and breathe... ---Think of the programs, schools, types of therapy, and people who have helped your child the most... ---Send me an email with that info. Even one sentence will help us build a better website. --Close your eyes again. Breathe. And smile.... Another way you can help is write a paragraph or a page about an experience with your son or daughter that is memorable. It could be retelling a frustrating time, a sign of progress or a moment when you and your difficult child when you both laughed. Or it could simply be about you...what you do for yourself to be able to keep going. I sent out a short piece I wrote a few years ago called The Waiting Game, you may recall. If you'd like me to send it again, let me know. --Lisa

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